Claudia Ludwig · October 31, 2022

Why Hire an Interior Designer?

You might be wondering why you should hire an interior designer for your project and what he or she could add. Many people think that they should be able to design their own space, just as they could do their own gardening or cooking.

 I believe there are 7 very good reasons why it would be best to hire an interior designer rather than to manage that design process yourself. 

Expertise and knowledge

As a trained and experienced designer, I bring an eye to the best use of a space,  as well as the knowledge of how to make that space shine in its most beautiful light.

Most interior designers like myself will have studied interior design and have the expertise of running a project from A to Z. I know what the priorities are and what decisions have to be taken when, how to make sure the budget is allocated correctly and can organise that the individual pieces of a project come together at the right time.  Lack of planning is an area where lack of experience or expertise can be very costly. 

Cost management  

An interior designer has the experience of what things cost. I can help you put together a budget for your project so you understand where you should allocate expenditure and where there are areas you can make savings by going for better priced alternatives. I can show you different options for your project and how these options vary in price so you can take an informed decision when going down a particular route.

Fresh eyes and new ideas

As an interior designer I look at your home for the first time and with fresh eyes. That allows me to come up with new ideas for how you could use the space as well as increase the space and light. I know what is required to make the space functional and enjoyable to live in and have the necessary experience from previous projects to know what could be an interesting reconfiguration of the space and what will not work in practice.

Introduction to the right trades people

If you are not a professional it is very difficult to know which trades people to trust with your project. However, at the end of the day your project will only be a success if the trades people you choose can realise your ideas in time, on budget and to the finish requested. If you hire an interior designer, you will get access to their network of suppliers and trades people. I have tried and tested my suppliers and the trades people I work with and will know who is the best for which job. 

Smooth process 

An interior designer will make the project run smoothly by making sure everything slots in at the right time, like pieces in a jigsaw  – electricians, joiners, carpet fitters and craftspeople. I am the point of contact for the trades people, deal with their queries and follow up with them and only filter back to you the key questions. This will free up your inbox and mean you can get on with your life while your project is running. 

Sourcing and Customisation 

An interior designer knows where to source the best items for your project – be  it the tiles for the new bathroom, the special sofa for your sitting room or that amazing piece of art which is missing over your sideboard in the dining room. 

If that particular piece you have in mind cannot be found, I can commission custom pieces which nobody else will have and are just perfect for your home. I know for which pieces this is worth it and which craftsman is the best for the particular job. 

Save you money and increase the property value 

An interior designer can save his or her clients money on projects because they don’t make costly DIY mistakes and then have to spend more money rectifying them. Moreover, by maximising the potential of a space and making sure the finish is right for the particular project, I can help you increase the value and perhaps saleability of your property. 

These are the reasons I would put forward for employing an interior designer, but most important of all will be that feeling of confidence you will get that your project will end up as you envisioned or better. Your home or workspace are among the most important spaces you will use, so  it makes sense to ensure that they are as suited to your needs as possible. Why be satisfied with second best? 

If you are persuaded or need more reasons as to why it is a good idea to hire an interior designer, get in touch!

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