Claudia Ludwig · December 7, 2021

How an interior designer styles her Christmas Table – A table fit for 3 Kings


I start thinking about my Christmas table by October at the latest. As you may have seen in my previous post,  I will carry out an audit of what I already have, and then I will consider what else I might need. Starting this process in October means that I have plenty of time to find those missing pieces. 

But why is styling your Christmas table so important? 

You have friends and family around and you want everything to be perfect. Attention to detail is one of the hallmarks of my work and you will find that if you look at everything from cooking the meal to designing the layout of your table to deciding who sits next to who, the day will pass much more smoothly. And, of course, my guests will expect my Christmas table to be designed to reflect both my personality and my profession as an interior designer. 

The theme can come from many sources. Sometimes it’s the plates. I keep adding new ones to my collection. Sometimes it’s a fabric I have seen and which I intend to use as the backdrop. Sometimes it’s a photo I have spotted, such as my Easter table which was influenced by a MiuMiu add campaign. 

The important thing is to decide on a theme and keep reverting back to it. This may be a personal project but I apply the same principles that I would normally apply to a client’s work

With a Christmas table, I will be focusing on three areas; colour, texture and dimension. I  usually create a mood board which has the image/fabric etc. I was originally inspired by and to which I add ideas as they come to me. I prefer warmer colours for Christmas but there is no need to stick to green and red only. Pink can be fresh. So can yellow and orange. However, it is important to limit the colours. Three are ideal. 


As with an interior, you are looking for different textures. White soft linen on a rustic wooden table, sparkly glassware combined with matt candles, flowers and foliage to soften the orderly layout of the plates and cutlery.

It is important to create different heights. At table height you have plates, then slightly higher the water and wine glasses, a bit higher the champagne glasses, then the flowers high enough to make a statement but not so high that you cannot see and easily talk to the person sitting opposite and then maybe in the middle of the table or at either ends slightly higher candles.

Think how your theme can be reinterpreted. The starting basis for my Christmas table this year was an antique nativity scene with the three kings on camels and palm trees in the background. This gave me the idea for a table fit for 3 Kings. I sourced plates from Gien with a camel and palm tree motive which perfectly fitted the theme and designed with Moveover Magnolia bespoke champagne glasses which picked up the same theme. 

My colour scheme was green, orange and yellow against a crisp white linen tablecloth. Green plates and palm leave shaped green place mats, two sizes of green, orange and yellow candle holders with tall white candles and green and orange solid as well as translucent glass Christmas baubles. For the flowers, I chose white Snowberries, Berzelia which has white flowers packed into larger spherical clusters, fine yellow Mimosa, different types of Eucalyptus in their natural green-grey as well as died orange. To add height, I added some orange and yellow died and dried grasses. I have arranged the flowers in little bud vases spread over the length of the tables and intersected with the candle holders. 

I always like to add some playful accessories. For this table scape I added a wooden camel figure from a nativity set which I had inherited from my grandmother. I also added an antique lace earthenware plate with fresh clementines with their green leaves still on to make the table look less sterile and invite guests to sit down and have a bite. 

If you would like to see how it all looks and some behind the scenes images of the photoshoot, have a peek at my Instagram page.

Styling a Christmas table should be a fun task, but it can also be a little daunting. Christmas may be a time of family and giving, but you know how those guests can be a little picky, a little critical at times. If you would like a helping hand with some ideas, why not book in a discovery call with me to see how I can help you turn your Christmas table into a showpiece of your Christmas dinner or lunch. 

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