Claudia Ludwig · June 8, 2021

Bathroom Design and Storage


When planning their dream bathroom most clients focus on the tiles, the freestanding bath and the size of the shower head. We often have to remind them that, to create a calm and relaxing space, which will give them pleasure every time they enter their bathroom, much more important is the right bathroom storage. Without well considered storage, the space will be clustered with shower gels, beauty products, toilet rolls and towels and all the lovely design features the clients spent so much time umming and ahhing about will be lost.

The size of the bathroom will determine what type of storage solution is most suitable. In a wider bathroom with lots of circulation space, a vanity unit with pull out drawers where the beauty products can be seen from the top may work well. Alternatively, a vanity unit with a combination of a shallow drawer and cabinet doors might be more practical so that small items can be kept in the top drawer and larger bottles can go into the cupboard below. We are often asked to create bespoke solutions which make the maximum use of the available space and cater for the bathroom routine of our particular client.


In narrow bathrooms we often find that pull out drawers or cabinet doors are in the way. Mirrored wall mounted bathroom cabinets are therefore much better suited. Ideally the cabinet can be recessed into the wall assuming there is sufficient depth. Most mirrored cabinets include integrated lighting, plug sockets, and make up mirrors which avoids having to make space for these items elsewhere.

For a contemporary bathroom look, most clients choose a wall mounted toilet system. However, to create the space for the toilet system the wall must be brought forward. This creates a void above the toilet which can easily be used to create a concealed cupboard for toilet rolls or towels.

To avoid clutter around the shower or bath, we like to foresee a small recess in the wall above the bath or in the shower cubicle where shower gels and shampoo can be stored. If tiled in a complementary way to the rest of the wall and properly lit, such a recess can become a nice extra feature of the wet room.


An eye sore in a lot of bathrooms is the laundry basket. It is therefore worth considering whether there is not a space either in the bathroom itself or just outside the bathroom where a bespoke cupboard can be created which hides a pull-out laundry basket and possibly some space for fresh towels. 

So to create a calm, relaxing and pleasurable bathroom space, ensure that your bathroom storage solutions are intentional as well as beautiful. If you require any further assistance then book your free telephone consultation today.

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